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The Pyramid in Antarctica

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The Pyramid in Antarctica

While it may seem unthinkable that pyramids could exist in Antarctica, in recent years, archaeologists have found pyramids all over the world that had been lost for centuries, mistaken as natural formations or hidden in the most unlikely places. They have been discovered in the plains of Northern Peru, buried beneath dirt and rubble in Indonesia, and one may even exist in Los Angeles, California. All the way around the world, we find evidence of pyramid structures. We should start looking at the possibility that there was habitation on Antarctica. Was it a lost civilization? Could it be ancient astronauts? And just maybe the earliest monuments of our own civilization came originally from Antarctica. If this gigantic pyramid in Antarctica is an artificial structure, it would probably be the oldest pyramid on our planet. And in fact, it might be the master pyramid that all the other pyramids on planet Earth were designed to look like. There has been extensive research done on pyramids throughout the world in terms of their structure and what it is that they really are. And one of the theories is that pyramids are power generators. And so if you have these pyramids strategically placed around the world generating this charge, it's possible to create a general standing wave around the world that is basically a wireless transmission of energy. It's been theorized that ancient ships, extraterrestrials and those with high technology, could use this interconnected wireless energy system to navigate around the planet. And it makes sense that if there was some kind of worldwide pyramid power grid like this, that Antarctica would have pyramids as well. The whole idea of these pyramidal structures, where did it come from? It's not an arbitrary thing. And these structures, they exist worldwide. So what was the impetus? What's the origin? And even more fascinating, did they originate on the Antarctic continent? NARRATOR: Might the pyramid Joseph White claims to have discovered near the Shackleton Mountain Range, and other pyramid-shaped formations recently photographed in Antarctica, provide evidence of extraterrestrial visitation to our planet in the remote past? And if they are actually man-made structures, how is such a thing even possible in a place that has been buried beneath the ice for over 12 million years? According to ancient astronaut theorists, Antarctica may not have been a frozen continent for as long as mainstream scientists suggest. And they say proof can be found by examining a 500-year-old map depicting the continent without any ice.


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